Student portfolios, easier.

Shoosh's AI-powered skills-based portfolio builder highlights students' strengths with the evidence to back it up.

How does Shoosh work?

Step 1

Connect to your learning management system

Shoosh imports grades and assignments from the learning management system your school already uses.

Step 2

Shoosh suggests skills and evidence

With the assignments and grades imported from your LMS, Shoosh uses AI to suggest evidence students can add to their portfolio that show mastery of skills they are highlighting with their portfolio.

Skills they aren't tracking, but may have the evidence for, are also suggested.

And when there's enough evidence? Shoosh suggests students submit the skill for approval.

Shoosh Suggestions
Step 3

Students build their portfolio

Throughout a student's four years in high school, they'll slowly build up their portfolio by accepting suggestions from their teachers and Shoosh, and manually adding in evidence from extracurriculars, internships, jobs, and their classes.

Shoosh Portfolio
Step 4

Approval workflows ensure portfolio integrity

As students complete skills with sufficient evidence, they submit skills for approval. Shoosh supports custom, complex approval workflows so that whoever needs to approve skills and evidence sees it before students get credit.

Shoosh Approval Workflow
Step 5

Share and export portfolios

Once skills and evidence are approved, the portfolio can be shared with teachers to be used for exhibitions of learning, student-parent-teacher conferences. Or, export the portfolio to the Mastery Transcript® with the click of a button and have a sendable college transcript ready in minutes.

Request a demo

We're currently accepting a limited number of schools to our closed-beta for the 2023-24 school year. If you're interested in learning more about Shoosh and seeing a demo of our portfolio builder, email us.